Things You Owned That Are Worth a Fortune Today

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Earlier this morning we were talking about a video iPod I found while cleaning out some boxes. After looking it up online it seems like I could get a few $$$ off it but the real find was a story about a first generation iPod someone found, still factory sealed worth $20K! (Read the full story at the end of the article)

Depending on what toys or electronics you kept from the 90’s and what condition it's in, you could be sitting on a small fortune. Here are some things you might have owned in the '90s and early 2000s that have majorly appreciated in value.

Polly Pocket:

A sealed Polly Pocket Jewel Case sold for$600 in 2016. In 2017, an eBay lot featuring 69 different Polly Pocket compacts and more than 100 figures sold for almost $900.

Pokémon Cards

Complete first-edition card sets can cost $4600 to $8700—or more. A February 2019 eBay auction started the bidding for a first-edition holographic Charizard set in mint condition at almost $12,000.

iPOD worth $20K!

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