From Will Smith to Beyoncé – Why Is Everyone Talking About King Richard?

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The UK Premiere Of "King Richard" At The Curzon

Foto: (Getty Images)

“King Richard” follows the life of Richard Williams (played by Will Smith) and his family, as he guides his children Venus and Serena through a plan for tennis stardom.

Venus (played by Saniyya Sidney) and Serena (played by Demi Singleton), who come from a poor family in Compton and who are looked at askance on the court by their white, upper-class competitors. Through his kids’ development as tennis players, Richard keeps his own counsel on how they should be trained, often confounding his daughters’ coaches, his wife, and the kids themselves.

Having been nominated twice but never won, Will Smith’s performance is already a favourite contender for Oscar glory. Variety announced he is “now at the forefront of what is going to be a cut-throat best actor race”, and Awards Watch named him the most likely winner ahead of Denzel Washington, Benedict Cumberbatch and Bradley Cooper.

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