The Hottest Toy of The Holiday Season Is...

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In Weak Economy, Wal-Mart Expands $10-Toy Promotion For Holiday Season

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Every season there are those toys that parents are scrambling to get their kids for Christmas, and this year is no different. In fact, it may be even harder than usual. So, what is the toy parents are already searching high and low for? Apparently it’s something called Magic Mixies Magic Caldron.

The toy, put out by Moose Toys, is for kids five and older, and gives them the opportunity to magically create a stuffed animal out of potion recipes from a “Magic Mixies Spell Book.” They use magical ingredients like “Crystal Gem” or “Fizz Flower” to help create the toy, putting them all in a vessel and then tapping it with a magic wand, prompting a smoky mist to appear, followed by a winged plush toy. And kids can reset the caldron and do this over and over to make new toys.

Demand for the Magic Mixies is so high that one dad, Ernest Baker, tells the "New York Post" it “is harder to get than a Tickle Me Elmo in the ‘90s,” adding, “I have never seen a more in-demand toy in my life.” He says he’s spent about eight weeks looking online and in stores for the toy, which retails for $69.99, before finally finding one for $109. And that’s not bad since some third-party resellers are selling them for upwards of $200.

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