40 Earthquakes in 24 hours Cause Major Concerns in The Northwest Region

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Yesterday 40 earthquakes ranging from a magnitude 3.5 to 5.8 shook the coast of Oregon! According to an analysis by Oregon State University, it is more active than the infamous San Andreas Fault in California, having produced more than 1,500 quakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater since the 1970s.

Earthquakes in the ocean sometimes cause tsunamis. But no tsunamis were ever expected from these earthquake.

“Blanco Fracture zone quakes are strike-slip (lateral motions of the crustal blocks on either side, rather than up-down displacement), so it is very unlikely for them to pose a tsunami threat, even if a bigger quake happened, like a magnitude 7.0 for example,” Tobin told CNN.

According to seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones, there have been more than 133 quakes of magnitude 5 or greater on the Blanco Fracture Zone since 1980 and have never been followed by something on land.

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