I gotta tell ya...as a radio personality I give thanks every day for "Florida Man" & "Florida Woman" because they are the content/story gift that keeps on giving!

Everyday theres at least one headline that'll leave you scratching your head thinking, "This can't be real".

That is where this segment of the DJ LAZ MORNING SHOW with KIMMYB comes in...

Today's story involved a Lauderhill man named Freddie Ross. Freddie decided to jump the fence at the Lauderhill Rescue 30 station while crews were returing from a call.

But Freddie didn't stop at trespassing...NOPE!!! Freddie had his WHEATIES that day and decided he wanted to take the Fire Rescue Vehicle for a Spin around the block sooooo Freddie tried to climb through the trucks driver said window.

He Succeeded!

Not only did Freddie make it into the vehicle but he also figured out how to turn on the lights! From there he threw that bad boy in reverse and thats when Fire Rescue knew they had a bigger problem than they first thought and they jumped to action literally and figuratively.

Like no, they seriously jumped on the moving vehicle eventually securing it and forcing Freddie to the pavement where they were able to safely restrain him until officers arrived.

Thankfully no one was injured and Mr. Ross was safely arrested and taken to the hospital for a medical/mental evaluation.

He's expected to be charged in relation to the carjacking...

Video of this event courtesy of @LOCAL10NEWS...WATCH HERE!

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