SUPERMODEL Linda Evangelista FIRST TIME posing after procedure GONE WRONG!

Linda Evangelista And Francois-Henri Pinault Child Support Case

Foto: Getty Images

If you are not familiar with Linda Evangelista, let's just say she is one of the biggest supermodels of all time. She has worked with endless brands, and has walked endless runways. But she in recent years has been for better lack of the word, in hiding, because she did a Coolsculpting procedure and claims that it deformed her.

Coolsculpting is a procedure used to get rid of unwanted fat by "freezing it." But Linda in September of 2021, claims that it did the opposite of that and increased her fat cells. She even claimed herself as being "unrecognizable" and would not go out in public. But now since she has spoken her truth, she wants to share her ordeal to possibly help others with People Magazine.

Currently she is in a legal battle with the company that did her procedure, and is tired of hiding.

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