We're now 3 days removed from one of the most EPIC SB Halftime shows of ALL time and folks are still talking about how dope it was!

Obviously the music was LIT, the artists crushed their performances, and the set was just sooooo West Coast you couldn't help but feel like you were watching Friday or Baby Boy, but we all know what brings a show together and its the COSTUMES and all the credit in that department goes to Miami's own LILA NIKOLE!!!

The SoFlo designer, known for her incredible swim and resort wear, has become the NFL's go-to designer when it comes to its legendary and highly anticipated Halftime show!

The SoFlo designer and her team were solely responsible for the fashion swag we saw on Sunday night working on all the costumes for the halftime show, including ALL the artists and the dancers.

According to Lila, she and her team had to design over 1000 looks as some of the dancers had multiple outfit changes. She said the amount of shopping they had to do was crazy as they were trying to get garments from everywhere because each person needed to fit a theme, but also to be individual making this one of the most creatively taxing yet visually rewarding HalfTime shows in NFL history.

This wasn't Lila's first rodeo though. In fact, she's been designing swimwear for NFL and NBA cheerleaders for years and became the 1st Latina to be named Lead Costume Designer for the SuperBowl Halftime Show back in 2021 so this was her second time taking the reins of one of entertainments grandest events and of course she continues to raise the bar on herself and everyone around her.

She also says the fashion wasn't the only thing with that SoFlo Flavor...lots of the dancers were from Miami too!

Continue to hold it down and represent for the 3-0-5 girl!!!

We're looking forward to more greatness from one of Miami's leading ladies!

Get more on LiLa Nikole here...

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