#FloridaMan Arrested Living His Best Florida Man Life...High & Happy!!!

Bro! Just Look at that Mug Shot....

So, Teddy Evans...where should I start?

Well, once again our Florida Man story is hitting close to home.

According to our friends at WKRG, Theodore John Evans, 51, of Jupiter, was stopped last week while driving his Toyota Rav4 in Monroe County. S/O to The Keys.

Apparently numerous concerned citizens had been prompted to call the authorities after witnessing him running red lights, passing in no-passing zones, and not staying within the lanes.

When deputies pulled him over they said his eyes were bloodshot (UNDERSTATEMENT...peep the video) and watery and he was behaving "erratically, speaking quickly and nonsensically about how HIGH and HAPPY he was due to the use of his vape pen."

Thats right Luvies...this Dopey Ding Dong straight up TOLD the cops he was "High & Happy".

Now if snitching on yourself ain't the definition of a #FloridaMan I don't know what is!!!

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