Crazy but True: Gas Prices have Hit a HISTORIC High here in the U.S.

According to AAA gas prices here in the US have officially hit their highest average on record.

After doing some research our friends at AAA found that U.S. drivers are now paying on average $4.173 a gallon for regular gas at the pump, which is obviously high for majority of people but considering California drivers are looking at prices averaging in the $6 & $7per gallon range Imma thank the Florida gas God's that I only had to come out of pocket $4.69pg for premium when I filled up on Sunday.

If you've been following the news then you know that gas prices were already increasing but the war in Ukraine has definitely put a significant strain on global energy markets and caused far reaching economic consequences.


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While Ukrainians continue to face daily attacks from Russian armed forces, the global community is attempting to take a stand against tyranny by levying economic sanctions against President Putin in response to these acts of War.

On top of state sponsored sanctions, global companies like Netflix, AMEX, Nike, and TikTok have all suspended services throughout Russian in response to the invasion of Ukraine & President Biden just announced a ban on all Russian Oil imports.

There's no doubt that this and any and all additional sanctions will further increase the price at the pump and in other places but I'm good with paying more for gas and other goods and services if it will help save lives and put an end to the invasion of Ukraine which is a true attack on freedom and democracy.

In the meantime sending love & light to Ukraine & all the men and women serving in our armed forces, NATO, and the Ukranian forces committed to defending freedom.

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