Florida Mom Sends Daughter With Autism To School With Recording Device

School Girl

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If your child was coming home from school with cuts, bruises or marks on their bodies, but they couldn't explain what happened, what would you do as a parent. Well when 9 year old Zoe who is on the autism spectrum, went to her school in Miramar Florida, her mom decided to send a recording device in her backpack to try to understand what is actually happening. She chose to do this since her daughter is unable to explain what happened she felt this was the best way to really hear what is going on.

Well Zoe's mother, Carla Warren heard something very disturbing. At the Fairway Elementary School, she heard the teacher speaking to her daughter and around her daughter. In one of the recordings you hear the teacher say in a threatening tone, "Go ahead try me...Go ahead try me...Do you think I am playing with you?" The teacher was also caught saying "Let her be at my mom's house...play with that. She would have a switch, extension cord-off the chain." Oh and it doesn't stop there, she also said "She walks past me, run-up, and try to swing at me-hit me. I will say, 'Hit me again because i'll slam that little girl on the floor!"

The teacher is now under a special investigation looking into Warrens complaint. Investigators reviewed the audio and determined that the evidence did not rise to a criminal act! THE TEACHER REMAINS IN HER POSITION!!!!

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