VIDEO Of Nicky Lachey Getting Agressive With Female Photographer

2018 Miss USA Competition - Show

Photo: Getty Images

This is insane, I honestly feel like I would have never expected this from 98 degrees singer Nick Lachey. He seems like such a calm and level headed guy, but I mean I also can't imagine being a celebrity who is constantly photographed. Either way, Nicky was seen leaving Maestro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills when a female photographer caught Nicky Lachey getting very upset with her not leaving him alone. You can see the moment where she is inside of her vehicle as Nick approaches angrily trying to grab her phone out of her hands. It's not just that, you can hear her mention that she can smell his breath and that he might have been under the influence at the time.

Either way, CLICK HERE to see the full videos on TMZ and tell us what you think. Do Paparazzi's take things too far?

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