Your Itinerary For A Day Trip To The Florida Keys

Big brown pelicans in Islamorada, Florida Keys

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Going to the Keys can really get expensive nowadays. Especially since the pandemic started, prices even to spend a night are upwards of $500 and thats for a normal hotel room. Well, I love going to the keys on weekends with my family, it's so much better than just sitting at home. I have two daughters, an 8 year old and a 1 year old, and there are so many things you can do on a day trip, and I am convinced that I have the best itinerary for a day trip.

8AM- Wake up

10AM- Leave the house and head to the Keys. Wear swimsuit, bring extra pair of clothes in case to change into, and sunscreen.

So your first stop will be at a the Island Home Garden in Islamorada. This place is magical. Its a great place to stretch out and get out of the car. Yes it is a nursery but you don't have to buy a plant, they have plenty of other things you can do. They have the store inside, on Saturdays and Sundays a fresh flee market, bunnies and chickens, and the best is their new little cafe spot to grab a delicious Lavender shake. Seriously the best shake you will ever have in your life.

After hanging out for like 30 min there, start heading to ROBBIES MARINA in Islamorada. This place has everything, The Hungry Tarpon Restaurant right on the water, a bunch of fun small stores with gifts, tarpon feeding on the dock, and even kayak or paddle board rentals.

The kayaking there is so much fun because you are able to go in the mangroves and see such beautiful nature. I even saw a gator once! My daughter and I always rent a double, and have a blast every time. They even have dry sacks so your phone doesn't get wet, and coolers you can rent so you can have a cold beer out on the water.

And speaking of beer, you HAVE to try the Islamorada Beer Company's Citrus Ale. It is my favorite beer ever and obviously the company is local!

After having lunch at Robbies, and going kayaking. You can hang out, relax on their little beach until you are ready to start heading back. Me and my family usually start heading to MORADA BAY CAFE around 6pm. Always try to time it so you get to see their gorgeous sunset.

This restaurant by far is the best in the Keys.

And after watching the sun set and having dinner at Morada Bay Cafe, you start heading home. We usually head back around 8pm so we make it home by 10pm. Works perfect.

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