ICYMI: Florida Pup Sets Guiness World Record as Oldest Living Dog!!!

That's right Luvies...there's finally a "Florida" headline that we can be proud of!!!

Too bad it has to do with a precious pup and not an actual person, but Hey...I'll take what I can get!!!


Meet TobyKeith (No NOT the Country Singer)...a 21yr & 66 day old Chihuahua who was rescued by his fur momma Gisela Shore when he was just a puppy after his original owners (an elderly couple) surrendered him when they realized they couldn't properly care for him anymore...

How Freaking Precious is HE!!! And HELLO, he does look great for being like 147yrs old...

TobyKeith and Momma Gisela live here in Florida and make sure to take advantage of our good walking weather & beaches everyday...he also loves to nap & keep mom company while she works!

All I can say is whatever y'all are doing...Keep Doing It 'cuz TobyKeith is now an official Florida Treasure and we need to keep him around as long as possible!!!

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