Florida Bride and Caterer Arrested after Lacing Wedding Food with Weed!!!

Why does this headline feel like the storyline for another "Hangover" or "Bridesmaids" style movie...

I mean really...who drugs the guests at their wedding?

Apparently THIS Florida Woman did!!!

Thats right Danya Shea Svoboda, the bride, along with her caterer, 31 yo Jocelyn Bryant, have been charged with drugging close to 70 guests at her Feb 19th Wedding.

38 yo Miranda Cady, a guest who was in attendance, says she was so high and anxiety-ridden that she thought she was going to die and wrote herself a message on her phone in case she 'didn't make it.' 

Guests reportedly became woozy & gigly after dinner, with multiple people needing medical attention and some even being taken to the hospital.

The truly frightening part is that there were not only children in attendance but also elderly individuals on medications as well...

Each woman has been charged with culpable negligence, delivery of marijuana and violating Florida’s Anti-Tampering Act.

*The tampering charge alone is a felony with a maximum penalty of up to 30 years in prison for each woman*

I'm all for wanting to have a "memorable" wedding but this definitely crosses the line!

It also leads me to wonder if we'll be seeing CBD infused options on wedding invites in the future...

"Please Check Which Meal You'd Prefer...Meat, Chicken, Fish, Veggie? CBD or Cannabis infused options available as well"

Guests Gonna Be Like...

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