UhOh:Miami Makes Top 25 List of cities w/MOST Dog Attacks on Postal Workers

I think we can all agree that being at the top of every list isn't ALWAYS a good thing and I think it's pretty safe to assume that the list were about to talk about is one of those lists folks would rather not be on...AT ALL...nevermind in the Top 25.

In honor of National National Dog Bite Awareness Week the US Postal Service has released a list of the Top 25 cities in the U.S. for dog attacks on postal workers, along with ways dog owners can prevent attacks.

Unfortunately, the 305 cracked the Top 25, landing at #22 and tying with Dayton, Ohio. For the record, it's never cool to be tied with Ohio in anything...

Below is a list of all the cities that made the list:

1. Cleveland, OH

2. Houston, TX

3. Kansas City, MO

4. Los Angeles, CA

5. Louisville, KY

6. Dallas, TX

7. St Louis, MO

8. Chicago, IL

9. Detroit, MI

10. Philadelphia, PA

11. Columbus, OH (tied 11); San Diego, CA (tied 11)

12. San Antonio, TX

13. Denver, CO

14. Phoenix, AZ

15. Toledo, OH

16. Fort Worth, TX

17. Cincinnati, OH

18. Seattle, WA

19. Minneapolis, MN

20. Pittsburgh, PA

21. Akron, OH (tied 21); Albuquerque, NM (tied 21)

22. Dayton, OH (tied 22); Miami, FL (tied 22)

23. Baltimore, MD (tied 23); Memphis, TN (tied 23)

24. Youngstown, OH

25. Baton Rouge, LA (tied 25); Flint, MI (tied 25); Flushing, NY (tied 25); and Indianapolis, IN (tied 25).


According to USPS, letter carriers are able to input a dog alert feature on their handheld scanners to remind them of a possible dog hazard.

However, if a carrier feels unsafe, mail service could be halted for the entire block or neighborhood where the dog lives, resulting in customers being forced to pick up their mail at their local post office.

Service would be restored once the dog is properly restrained.

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