Crazy but True: 600K People are Driving on a Suspended License in Miami!!!

Wait...WHAT?!! How Many?!!!

That's right Luvies, according to data from Miami-Dade County courts there are roughly 600,000 people driving around town on a suspended license!!!

Now, Mayor Daniella Levine Cava acknowledges that this is an "urgent" problem that needs immediate attention and that the situation must be fixed so that these individual can get back on the roads.

Apparently 2/3 of those drivers had their licenses suspended because they had not paid fines or collection fees, while the other 3rd failed to appear in court.

The good news is that most of the violations and/or suspensions were not do to safety issues like DUI, reckless driving, etc...

You can read the full story and report HERE...but honestly...and I hate to say this...Im actually NOT that surprised!!!

Are You?!

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