Jason Momoa Surprises Airline Passengers By Posing As A Flight Attendant

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Jason Momoa is trying out a different line of work. A recent viral TikTok shows the actor working as a flight attendant on a plane to Hawaii. The video shows Momoa pushing a cart through the plane's walkway and serving guests water on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. The original poster of the video, Kylee Yoshikawa shared the clip to her account explaining that her aunt was on the flight and sent her the video footage of Momoa. Because the Aquaman star was handing out bottles of Mananalu Water, fans have now started calling him "Aguaman."

The actor donned a gray suit and a black t-shirt with a pink flower on his hair as he surprised guests on the flight. One TikTok user pointed out that the flower in his hair is a custom that means he's in a relationship.

According to Daily Mail, Momoa was also reported to have gifted the travelers 10,000 Hawaiin Airlines miles after his birthday on August 1st, but a rep for Momoa and the airline have yet to confirm the claim.

The surprise moment comes after Momoa was involved in a head-on crash in Los Angeles. The Game of Thrones star was driving on Old Topanga Road when a motorcyclist crossed over into Momoa's lane and rammed straight into his 1970 Oldsmobile. According to the initial report from TMZ, the other driver, a 21-year-old man, was ejected from his bike during the collision and was treated for non-life threatening injuries at the nearby Northridge Hospital.

Last week, an insider told Us Weekly that Momoa has had an "extremely turbulent time over the past couple of years" and has been "charging around like crazy at times whilst dealing with his various dramas as well as his hectic career.” However, the recent crash has "put everything into perspective... Jason is now very much at the stage of his life where he knows he needs to make the most of every day and watch out for danger at every turn.”

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