ICYMI: Ben Affleck Speaks Spanish & Our Minds are BLOWN!!!

So yeah...not sure about you but I had NO idea Ben Affleck is fluent in Spanish...and I'm from Boston!!!

Now, I learned this pertinent and MIND BLOWING info over the weekend when I was mindlessly scrolling the "gram" & came across this video....


Crazy right?!

I mean I posted this video in my instastory and like myself a majority of my IG family had no idea & I'm left scratching my head considering he dated JLo for the 1st time. 20yrs ago!!! Like how did this "fun fact" not come up...like ever?!

Anyway...while you let the shock and awe of it all wear off I'll give you a little backstory on how this came to pass.

Apparently he learned to speak Spanish fluently while living in Mexico with his parents and younger brother Casey who were there to film an "After School Special" (remember those). This particular special was called Wanted: The Perfect Guy.

I'm actually dying right now...lololol!

Anyway...fast forward nearly 40 years and he found himself in a battle with his teenage daughter, Victoria, who had started taking Spanish in school and was beginning to give him a run for his money in the Spanish Fluency department (not to mention his rekindled romance with Jenny from the Block) and he decided it was time to get back on the horse and brush up on his Espanol and here we are!!!

Check him out on Despierta America, which is basically the Today Show for the Spanish speaking world...

Crushing IT!!!

Ben Affleck is forever invited to the Noche Buena Fiestas!!!

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