VIDEO! JLO serenades BEN AFFLECK at private wedding reception


Foto: Getty Images

So JLo and Ben Affleck have been married for a little while now since they tied the knot in Vegas. But they recently had their reception for family and friends in Georgia at one of Ben's properties that they actually had planned on having their first wedding. Either way, sources have said that JLo is not very happy with the fact that this video has leaked of her serenading Ben during the wedding. Either way its adorable, and seems as though maybe this is an unreleased song? Also can we just say, if you are at the level of JLo or Ben Affleck, it is not unusual for at an event like this to confiscate cell phones or have a NO CELL PHONE rule to keep privacy. But who knows maybe they did that and they snuck one in.

Well, we love the video and we love Bennifer 2.0

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