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For a year or two now, actor Zac Efron has been under so much criticism for the changes in his facial features. During an interview over a year ago, people could not stop noticing that his face had changed. His jaw line was completely different and it seemed as though he had done some plastic surgery. But Zac never responded to those rumors and kept working on his projects without getting distracted. Well now Zac is on the cover of Men's Health magazine and he explained finally why his face looks so different. NO he did not get plastic surgery, Efron explained that he had slipped while running at his home, hit the corner of a fountain, passed out, and woke up to his 'chin bone...hanging off' his face. His facial muscles due to the accident had a lot of swelling and he even worked with a physical therapist to try and get the swelling down.

Im not going to lie, I remember when I saw him and thought he looks so different. But this explains everything and will answer a lot of questions for a lot of fans.

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