ICYMI: Judge in Parkland Shooter Case Went OFF on Defense Attorneys!!!

So there's no denying that Judge Elizabeth Scherer is a Total BOSS and absolute badass when it comes to her courtroom but there was a little situation earlier in the week that definitely left me scratching my head...

The Defense team for Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz came into court and out of nowhere decided to "rest" their case. Now this was a shock considering they'd stated they'd be bringing upwards of 80 witnesses but to this point had only called 25. Of course this meant that the state was not prepared for re-direct or to call any of there additional witness and yet another day had been wasted and she just was not having it.

Take a look and listen to what happened next...


I know we love a good Judge Judy style Dragging & while I can definitely appreciate her frustration with the clear lack of respect being shown to the court, the other attorneys, the jury, etc...I still think she should've had this conversation in her chambers and behind closed doors.

I can't help but feel like regardless of the outcome either side, prosecution or defense, will now have grounds to appeal any ruling based on her scathing critique of the handling of this case (in particular by the defense).

What do you think?

Was she simply standing her ground or did she cross the line?


The defense has filed a formal complaint and requested that Judge Scherer REMOVE herself from the case after lashing out when abruptly decided to announce that the defense was resting its case...meaning they'd be calling no further witnesses.

In the motion filed by the Broward Public Defenders Office it was stated that the judge held a longstanding animosity toward lead defense lawyer Melisa McNeil. The motion also cited Florida's Judicial Code of conduct which states that a judge shallop disqualify himself/herself if the judge's impartiality might reasonably be questioned, including but not limited not limited to instances where the judge has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party or a party's lawyer.

Considering Judge Scherer called the defense team actions the "most unprofessional and uncalled for way to try a case" & that the entire trial has been handled in the most unprofessional manner she's witnessed in her entire career...and she said it in front of their client (Cruz)...I feel like they have a pretty good chance of winning this motion.

Unfortunately, if they do this will only prolong the frustration & suffering for the survivors & family members who have already been through so much and I'm sure just want closure.

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