Update: Puerto Rico facing Massive Devastation From Hurricane Fiona!!!

As I'm writing this my heart is breaking for our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico who have once again been consumed by yet another Hurricane, only this time it wasn't a Category 5 once in a lifetime storm, like Maria and Irma 5 yrs ago. This time its a much less fearsome foe that has managed to leave behind EPIC devastation and loss.

Hurricane Fiona, still a category 1 storm, as it passes thru and over the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico. Haiti, and the Dominican Republic caused catastrophic flooding in Puerto Rico with rainfall surpassing 2ft and flash flood warnings being issued for what felt like the entire island at times....

If you haven't seen any of the pictures or footage here are a few videos:

While we know & understand here is South Florida all too well how devastatingly powerful Mother Nature can be I can't help but think and feel like our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico should have been better equipped to handle a Category 1 storm had we done a proper job in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria shoring up their infrastructure and building things back better and stronger than before.

These videos, in my opinion, are proof that we definitely did not do that and now that rebuilding will have to begin again! And the worst part is that there's still 2.5months left of "Hurricane Season".

Sending Love & Light to all those affected and who may be affected as Fiona travels on and getting ready to do our part to help our Familia in PR & DR & Haiti and wherever else in the aftermath of yet another natural disaster.

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