Adam Levine Accused Of Wanting To Name Baby After Possible Mistress

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Foto: Getty Images

Adam Levine is being accused of many things right now, and the timing of all of this is sadly while he is expecting baby #3 with his Victoria's Secret wife of 10 years Behati Prinsloo. A TikToker named Sumner Stroh has been catching a lot of heat for coming out with her story now considering Behati is expecting. Sumner says she had an affair with Levine for about a year, but more recently felt the need to air all the dirty laundry because he supposedly slid into her DM's to ask her permission to name his new child SUMNER! So wait, if this is actually true, Adam Levine wanted to name his baby the name of his mistress?!

This is wild, and the girl is coming with receipts. Now before coming to any conclusions, let's remember DM's have been doctored in the past. Could these be fake DM's?

Adam Levine has made no statement yet regarding all of this, but I imagine how hard it must be for his wife to hear and see all of this.

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