ICYMI: Cop Hecklers Go Viral Inspiring Quite the Convo...Watch Videos Now!

Ok, so it's 2022 and unfortunately, as a society, we've become accustomed to seeing awkward and often times outright enraging videos of cops and citizens going at it.

Well, earlier this week a couple of videos started circulating around some pretty high profile Miami/soflo bases social media pages and they led to quite a convo on the DJ Laz Morning Show with KimmyB.

Would love for you to check them out for yourself and then take a listen to the show podcasts from Tuesday (11.08.22) and. Wednesday (11.09.22)...


and now PART 2:

Ahhhhhhh...so much to unpack!!!

We found out later that the "Hecklers" in the video that approached the officer are NOTORIOUS for confronting local LEO's, many times while they are investigating active crime scenes which is clearly "impeding an investigation", which makes the whole situation that much more frustrating.

Take a listen to the podcast from our Wednesday and Thursday show to hear more from both DJ Laz and KimmyB and our incredible listeners...

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