Crazy but True:Scientists Revive 48,500 Year Old Virus Found Buried in ICE!

What in the Jurassic World is Going On...

So, it looks like 2022 has once again told us to Hold Its Beer as group of research scientists from Russia, France, and Germany announced that they were able to successfully "REVIVE" nearly TWO DOZEN viruses they'd found buried in thawing permafrost and other areas of Siberia!

Mind you one of these viruses was found frozen in a lake where it's been literally and figuratively chillin' under the ice for a measly 48,500 YEARS!!!


That's right people....We're Talking about Zombie Viruses as we head into the holidays!

No, seriously! That's what these scientists are calling them...ZOMBIE VIRUSES!!!

You can read the whole article here, but it would appear that although they are ancient they could still in fact be infectious...I KNOW RIGHT!

And the WORST part is that they could become a real threat as Global Warming continues to threaten more and more vulnerable biomes like Glaciers and the Tundra.

I mean this is giving me Jurassic Park meets ICE AGE Vibes...and frankly I am NOT here for EITHER!!!

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