ICYMI: New Netflix Reboot Serving Up 90s Nostalgia...CHECK OUT THE TRAILER!

Alright, so I think it's safe to say that 90% us watched That '70s Show at some point. You were either Team Kelso & Jackie or you weren't, FEZ was the BEST, and who didn't Love Kitty and Red?!

I mean I didn't necessarily want them for my parents, but God did they give us some good laughs...

Anyway...GET READY 'cuz Kitty and Red are making a comeback and this time they're letting the GrandKids hang out in their basement!!!

That's right Luvies, its ReBoot Time!!!

Check out the 1st Trailer for That '90s Show....

Ahhhhh....the 90s!!!

Set a Calendar Reminder...That '90s Show premieres January 19th, 2023 on Netflix.

ALSO...Did you have a Favorite episode of That 70s Show? Favorite Character? Let me know...




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