OnlyInFlorida: Iguana Knocks Out Power in Delray Beach!!!

If you live in South Florida you've probably come to the realization that sooner than later there will be more Iguanas than there are people roaming the streets.

No, its WILD! These things are not only invasive and destructive, but they are multiplying like CRAZY and while they have no problem jumping in our pools or crawling into our pipes (and winding up in our toilets)...there are still a few places they should really steer clear of...Power Stations being one of them!!!

So what had happened wassss...

Apparently, a large green iguana wandered into a Power Station in the Delray Beach area and HIS tail (yes I automatically assume it was a "he" because....HELLO) hit the transformer causing a massive power outage that left about 1500 residents without power for around 45min or so.

Now the craziest part is that this IS NOT this first time something like this has happened in Delray Beach. In fact, there have been 3 separate incidents which is actually a decrease from last year...YIKES!!!

City Spokesperson, Ben Kerr says, "The problem with the iguana is because they're so big, they basically drive over lines."

He also said that the city has assembled a designated team to address the wildlife issue because unfortunately Electricity isn't the only utility being negatively impacted by these creepy crawlers.

FUN FACT: Green iguanas are not native to Florida and can also cause damage to residential and commercial landscape vegetation, along with damage to infrastructure by digging burrows that erode and collapse sidewalks, foundations, seawalls, berms and canal banks.

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