Airlines Are Getting Rid Of Reclining Seats?

Seats in aircraft cabin

Photo: Getty Images

Who would have thought a couple inches meant so much! lol Well it really really does matter especially when you are on a long flight. Be honest though, how long do you wait on a flight to push that button and lean your seat back to just get a little more space between you and that seat in front of you? Well a lot of people have fought over a seat reclining, some flights even needing to make an emergency landing to handle unruly passengers. Some airlines though might make a change to having seats that DON'T recline. There are manufacturers that have made a non reclinable seat that is more cost affective. It seemed as thought just airlines that were more affordable were switching out their seats for these, but it seems as though many airlines might follow in their footsteps.

Would it matter to you if a seat reclined on a flight you were on?

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