OnlyInFlorida: Florida Man Chooses to Leave His Mark after Arrest!!!

So this might be one of the BOLDEST but BONEHEADED Florida Man stories we've reported...

32yr old Michael Jackson was arrested over the weekend after being accused of destroying home security systems so that he could burglarize them.

When officers got Jackson to the station to interview him he proceeded to pull out his penis and urinate on the interview room floor telling the officers to "pick it up". He also used a homophobic slur that I refuse to repeat.

Not totally sure what he thought he stood to gain from thoroughly and completely disrespecting the officers and the station, but something tells me he just guaranteed himself some jail-time.

Jackson faced 5 felony burglary and six misdemeanor. criminal mischief charges & was out on felony bond at the time of his arrest. He's being jailed without Bond.

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