ICYMI: Giant African Snails are BACK…in Broward County!!!

Dammit Man…

In case you missed the news…Giant African Land Snails have been spotted yet again in South Florida leading to a quarantine order being issued for a 3.5 square mile area of Miramar. The order will remain active as while officials from the plant division treat properties with mollusicicide snail bait that the EPA has labeled for residential use in the hopes of eradicating the pest.

The Quarantine Zone located in Miramar stretches from Pembroke Road to the North, NW 215th St in Miami-Dade to the South, South University Drive to the West, and 62nd Ave to the East.

Not so fun facts about the Giant African Land Snail include but are not limited to:

-Possess significant threat to vegetation as they consume at least 500 different types of plants

-They also consume paint and stucco which impact and damage to property

-They reproduce at an ALARMING rate

-They also are dangerous to the health of humans as they carry a parasite called rat lungworm which can cause meningitis.

-They are super difficult to eradicate fully…they are basically the snail version of a cockroach!

How’d it get here…seeing as it’s not a native Florida species? Well that’s easy…some dodo headed “Florida Man” back in the 1960’s thought the Giant African Land Snail would make a cute pet…and we’ve been trying to get rid of ‘em (the snails and florida man) ever since!!!


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