ICYMI: Cardi B reminds Fans she is NOT the one to be Played with!!!

What the Hell is going on with so called “Fans” these days???

Cardi B has become the most recent A-List artist to be assaulted during a performance by an UFFP…Unidentified Flying Fan Projectile!!! Only in this case we know exactly what was launched…a whole drink and very DELIBERATELY!!!

Check out the video…

OK so this type of clout chasing is absolutely unacceptable and I’m not gonna lie...I feel like at this point if you play stupid games…you win stupid prizes. These “fans” that continue to throw things at artists (its happened to Bebe Rexha, Harry Styles, Kelsea Ballerini, Ava Max, and Drake) honestly deserve what they get at this point…

The only problem issssssss…Cardi Hit the WRONG person with that microphone which means…

Theres DEFINITELY a lawsuit headed her way!!!

What are your thoughts on these situations? Should the “fans” be banned from these venues for life? Should they be charged with assault? Are we mad at the artists who retaliate?

I honestly just think everyone should get one of those high powered T-shirt guns like Adele…I think that’ll make em think twice!! If you haven’t seen the video…check it out!!! #AdeleIsLife

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