Eight Things in Hotel Rooms That You ALWAYS Should Clean Yourself

Hotel room

Photo: Getty Images

Whether you always opt for the bargain motel room, or you prefer a 5-star stay, all hotel rooms are not cleaned equally, and most of the time, hotel rooms are not as clean as they may appear.

Lifehacker.com compiled a list of the things you might want to start to clean on your own after you check-in to your hotel, and before you settle into your room.

Grab some disinfectant wipes because most of the items on the list are things that guests tend to touch the most, and apparently, maids don't clean thoroughly enough.

1. The TV remote.

2. The nightstand.

3. The door handles.

4. The light switches.

5. The phone.

6. The handle on the mini-fridge.

7. The toilet handle.

8. The coffee maker.

As a side note, I've heard the comforters on beds don't get washed enough, so take necessary precautions.

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