People Are Calling The New "Pasta Water" Candle Scent 'Weird'

boiled water and spaghetti noodle for cooking italian pasta

Photo: Getty Images

Get ready to pull out your wallets, Italians, because this new scented candle is selling like hotcakes…or pasta rather.

That's because the latest in luxury candle scents is the pasta water candle, which is meant to smell like the water you cooked your pasta in, and it's recently hit stores.

It’s going to cost you $70 and is made by husband and wife founders, D.S. & Durga, who are known to make immersive fragrances in Brooklyn, New York.

The candle has notes of saline water, semolina wheat, and a base note of “chef's secret.”

Sales of luxury candles have increased by 53% since 2019.

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