Is This Real? Little Caesars Unveils New Corncob Crust Pizza with Butter

Photo: Canva

Is this a pre-April Fools joke, or perhaps a midwesterner's dreams come true?

According to Littel Caesers, The Corncob Crust pizza is made with hearty American-grown corn, ooey-gooey cheese, and of course, a complimentary 2-liter bottle of liquefied butter. Because who can enjoy corn on the cob without it being slathered in butter?!

Many have already figured it out, but the Corncob Crust pizza is just Little Caesars’ way of playing a little prank on fans with the lead-up to the return of their Pretzel Crust pizza, or as they put it, “The Crust the World Craves.”

According to the site, Chew Boom, Little Caesers' Pretzel Crust pizza will be making a comeback to the brand later this month, with availability nationwide in early April of this year.

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