Publix Screws Up a Birthday Cake After Taking Instructions Too Literally

Passion fruit birthday cake

Photo: Getty Images

The mother of a TikTok influencer recently enjoyed “the funniest birthday ever” after a baker took her birthday cake instructions way too literally.

Social media influencer, Tefi Pessoa, posted a video to TikTok detailing the situation. She explained that the receptionist at her mother’s place of employment in Miami recently ordered a birthday cake from a Publix grocery store over the phone.

When the person taking the order asked what she’d like written on it, the receptionist replied, “Just ‘happy birthday’ is perfect. Thank you.”

When the cake was later unveiled during a lunchtime birthday party, the guests were surprised to find that the baker who works at the Publix grocery store had written, quite literally, on the cake, “Just happy birthday is perfect thank you.”

Pessoa said, “They were unable to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ because everyone was just dying from laughter."

A rep for Publix has declined to comment on the story, nor has it been revealed which Publix location the mishap happened at.

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