OnlyInFlorida: Woman Arrested for Running Brothel Out of Miami Gardens Apt!

Listen...I love an entrepreneurial spirit but this Florida Woman clearly never listened to Biggies Ten Crack Commandments

No 5...Never Sell No Crack Where You Rest At!!!

If she had she most definitely wouldn't have been running a whole Brothel out of her rented apartment!!!!

Yup, you read that right...Leidy Nayibe Cabrera-Gomez was arrested inside her rented Miami Gardens apartment after a Human Trafficking Task Force investigation led to an undercover sting, in which a detective responded to a cell phone number on an adult website known to advertise prostitution services!

Needless to say, Leidy was DEFINITELY running a "business" operation out of her home and unfortunately for them the "product" they were selling...well it's kinda illegal.

Something tells me the HOA might have a problem with this...#IJS!!!

Read the full story on WPLG

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