ICYMI: Bad Bunny Threw a Fans Phone in the Water...But Was He Wrong for It?

WWJD...if his favorite celebrity threw his phone in the ocean?!

I know...I know...Jesus probably doesn't have a cell phone...nor would anyone dare throw it in the water if he did.

But, for one Bad Bunny fan (who was not Jesus)...this is exactly what happened when she ran up on the reigning King of Reggaeton while he was vacationing in the Dominican Republic over the holidays.

As you can see...Bad Bunny *BayBay* was not feeling the invasive vibes and I've got to be honest his reaction threw me...

I'm so used to seeing this global superstar being gracious and humble in his interactions with fans, however THIS was NOT the move...in my opinion.

And worse...he's standing by his actions! He took to twitter on Monday (1.02.22) and posted THIS!

So basically what he's saying is...Keep Ya Phone Out My Face IF You Wanna Keep Ya Phone!!!


What are YOUR Thoughts on how Bad Bunny handled the situation? Join the Convo by weighing in on our IG....

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