Ellen, Oprah, George Lucas and More Celebs Told to LEAVE Their Homes...NOW!

Things are getting worse and worse in California as Mother Nature continues to prove just how little she cares about "who you are" or "how much money you got"!

Earlier this week Ellen Degeneres posted this video to her social media:

At the time you can hear her say that she and Portia Da Rossi were told to shelter in place because their property is at a higher elevation than many others in the same area however as torrential rain continues fall, with more severe expected as the week continues its being reported that even SHE has been told to GET OUT along with many other familiar names!

According to our friends at TMZ Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle, along with Oprah, George Lucas, Rob Lowe, and of course Ellen & Portia are among those living in Montecito who have been ordered to evacuate IMMEDIATELY due to dangerous flooding.

You know its BAD when Mr. WildWildWest himself, John Dutton aka Kevin Costner has to shelter in place instead of going to collect his Golden Globe in person.

Definitely sending lots of prayers & positive vibes to everyone that's been affected by all this crazy severe winter weather...PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR FIRST RESPONDERS!!!

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