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Report: Miami Gardens Foster Child Suicide Aggravated By Mother

The mother of a Miami Gardens foster child who committed suicide on Facebook Live is receiving some of the blame for her own daughter's death.  Florida Department of Children of Families report released yesterday says Naika Venant's mother, Gina Caze, commented on the Facebook feed of her daughter's suicide attempt that the girl kept "crying wolf."

The post from the mom went on to say the girl was a "jit" who doesn't listen to their parents."  "Jit" is a colloquial term meaning a bratty child.  An attorney for the mother says that she didn't watch the Facebook Live suicide live and that she believed the suicide attempt was a hoax.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A teenager is dead after posting video of her suicide on Facebook live.  The Florida Department of Children and Families and Miami Gardens police confirmed the 14-year-old girl broadcast footage of her hanging herself Monday morning.  Naika Venant's foster parents were sleeping when she killed herself.

Statement from DCF Secretary Mike Carroll:

We are absolutely horrified and devastated by the news of this young girl's death. We will do everything we can to support this family and all those who cared for her as they begin to heal from this tragedy. We will conduct a comprehensive, multidisciplinary special review to examine this child’s history and the circumstances related to serving the child.



The child was in the care of a foster family at the time of her death. We are working with the Miami Gardens Police Department as the lead law enforcement agency. Further details are confidential per section 39.202, Florida Statutes.

Several of the 800+ comments on her Facebook page state that she had some form of contact with her birth mother.

WIOD has reached out to Ms. Alexis. WIOD spoke with one of Naika's foster siblings:

Another Facebook Live suicide, just last week in Georgia is also being investigated.

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