Nathalie Rodriguez

Nathalie Rodriguez

Nathalie is the daughter of a Colombian mom and Venezuelan dad, born in New York and raised in Hialeah, FL.Full Bio


Weirdest Excuses for Being Late to Work

According to a new survey, 29% of us are late to work at least once a month . . . 16% are late at least once a week . . . and 41% of bosses have FIRED someone for it.  

Here are the ten weirdest excuses people have used . . .  

1.  "I forgot it wasn't the weekend." 

2.  "I got Vaseline in my eyes." 

3.  "I thought Flag Day was a national holiday." 

4.  "My pet turtle had to go to the vet." 

5.  "I overslept, because my kids changed all the clocks in the house." 

6.  "I got cornered by a moose." 

7.  "My mom locked me in a closet." 

8.  "The sunrise was so beautiful, I had to stop and take it in." 

9.  "My mother-in-law wouldn't stop talking." 

10.  "My dad offered to make me a grilled cheese sandwich, and I couldn't say no."  

They also found the five most COMMON excuses:  "I got stuck in traffic" . . . "I slept through my alarm" . . . "The weather was bad" . . . "I was too tired to get up" . . . and "I procrastinated and didn't leave on time."

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