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Nathalie Rodriguez

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UPDDeadly Miami Metromover Train Accident

UPDATE: 2/8  10:15 a.m.

A worker is dead and another is recovering after an accident early this morning on a Metromover.Police detectives say it appears a Metromover car slammed into a lift and the workers were ejected.

Miami-Dade Transportation Director Alice Bravo says they're not sure what went wrong, "There were protocols established for the work that was supposed to take place last night...  We'll find out more as a part of the investigation."

Federal officials with OSHA are on the case.The injured worker has already been released from the hospital.The inner loop remains closed.

Buses are ferrying riders between Government Center and Miami Avenue.


One of two construction workers who fell as a Metromover collided with construction boom has died. 

The other is stable in the hospital

.As investigators work to figure out how exactly this could have happened- Miami Dade Transit tells us: 

Metromover will not be running Inner Loop this morning.A free bus shuttle will be provided between Gov. Center & Miami Avenue.

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