Anitta Delivers A Riveting Performance For Can't Cancel Pride


Anitta has been a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community so it was only right for her to perform in honor of iHeartMedia and P&G's 2nd annual "Can't Cancel Pride - Proud and Together" event.

On Tuesday, June 14, the Brazilian icon hit the stage to perform her major single "Boys Don't Cry" off her latest album Versions Of Me. After she was introduced by Rueby Wood of the 2022 film Better Nate Than Never, Anitta performed the song while wearing a two-piece jean-inspired ensemble with grey knee-high boots.

For the unfamiliar, Anitta previously explained that she identifies as bisexual and has advocated for increased LGBTQ+ visibility. In an interview with Gay Times, Anitta reflected on her stance on bi-erasure and spoke about making strides to overcome it.

“When it comes to bisexuality, it’s kind of tricky because first of all, I’ve never dated a woman,” Anitta explained. “I’ve had relationships with girls, but it was very casual. We never dated and it wasn’t a long-term situation. So people will sometimes say, ‘Oh so you’re not really bisexual – you only date guys.’ I don’t think that it means that I’m not. Imagine if I said I’m heterosexual and then someone catches me kissing a girl or hooking up with a girl, they’d go ‘oh my god, you’re such a liar!’ So I just think we should be honest and people – even from within the community – should not judge or expect each person to act the way they want them to. It’s a very delicate subject and we should just respect each other’s way of finding themselves. We should be free to do whatever we want to do.”

In case you missed out on Anitta's performance, you can catch iHeartRadio Can't Cancel Pride on-demand until June 30th on iHeartRadio’s YouTube, Facebook and Revry.

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