Hayley Kiyoko Is Searching For Her 'Greenlight' At Can't Cancel Pride 2023

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Hayley Kiyoko showed off her moves with an exciting performance of one of her newest songs at Can't Cancel Pride 2023.

Kiyoko looked incredible in a black-and-green top and baggy black leather pants with neon green line details as she took the stage for a performance of her new single "Greenlight," which dropped late last month. The track marked her first new music since her sophomore album Paranorma, which was released in 2022.

Dancing alongside her two back-up dancers on the colorful stage, Kiyoko sang about wanting to know "why isn't anythin' movin'" as she keeps "chasin' the stop signs" and things that are clearly not working for her while desperately wishing to "follow the green light [that's] callin' me."

Photo: iHeartRadio

She previously spoke on what the song means to her, saying it's "about making an active decision to put your energy into things that are working, per NME.

"I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to prove my worth to people but have realized that if a situation in life is stopping you from moving forward or making you feel trapped, it's okay to pivot in a new direction," she said in a statement, adding, "Of course, there will be roadblocks along the way, but we become our best selves when we surround ourselves with people who challenge us in a healthy way, encourage us to keep digging deeper and support our overall journey."

Photo: iHeartRadio

In May, Kiyoko addressed the possibility of a musical collaboration with Selena Gomez. The "Girls Like Girls" singer guest starred in several episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place, playing Stevie Nichols, a friend of Gomez's character Alex Russo.

"I would love that," Kiyoko told ET Canada. "I think I've reached out to Selena a couple times trying to get her on a song or two. I love her music."

The potential collab rumors come months after Wizards showrunner and writer Peter Murrieta appeared on the Wizards of Waverly Pod rewatch podcast, telling hosts Jennifer Stone (Harper Finkle) and David DeLuise (Jerry Russo) that he wishes they could have explored more of Alex's sexuality on the hit Disney Channel show, specifically her relationship with Kiyoko's character.

"We could have played more with the relationship between Stevie and Alex," Murrieta said. "But it was pretty clear to all of us what that relationship was. ... We got as close as we could. I mean, it was pretty close."

Kiyoko said she is "glad the 'Stalex' fans are getting what they deserve," adding, "It's so funny to me because I know when I shot those four episodes I had no idea that, at least ten years later, we would still be high off of Stalex." Longtime fans of the characters would love to see the pair reunite outside of the show in a new way.

"I feel like the fans would freak out if we did a song together so I'm going to keep hitting her up and see what happens," said Kiyoko.

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